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Chimney Sweep w/ inspection $155

Table Rock Lake Chimney Sweep, Beaver Lake Chimney Sweep, Eureka Springs, Cassville

Discover the Lakeside Chimney Difference: Expert Chimney Sweep and Comprehensive Inspections

At Lakeside Chimney, your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. As recommended by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), regular chimney and venting system maintenance is essential. With a touch of professional care, your chimney will stay in prime condition, ensuring the utmost safety and functionality year-round.

**Why Choose Lakeside Chimney for Your Chimney Sweep?**

Our process is designed to be seamless, leaving you with a meticulously cleaned chimney and a thorough top-to-bottom safety inspection in strict accordance with the NFPA 211 fire code.

Our meticulous chimney sweep includes:

- Clearing the inside of your chimney's firebox floor, sides, and throat, ensuring optimal efficiency.
- In-depth cleaning and inspection of the damper and its assembly, as well as the often-neglected smoke shelf located behind most dampers.
- Utilizing specialized brushes on rods for efficient flue sweeping, along with delicate hand brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber.
- Employing drop cloths and a HEPA filtered vacuum to prevent any mess while ensuring a pristine outcome.


But that's not all! During our cleaning process, we conduct a comprehensive visual inspection (Level I) or an advanced Video inspection (Level II) of your entire chimney structure. This includes a examination of the cap, crown, brickwork, mortar, or woodstove installation.


**Your Trusty Chimney Partner**

We don't just clean – we care. Our findings are meticulously documented on a comprehensive condition report. Should any issues arise, we take the time to discuss them with you, even providing visual evidence like photos showcasing any safety concerns. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile by suggesting effective solutions to bring your system up to the latest safety codes.

**Transparency and Convenience**

We're committed to keeping you informed. Following our visit, we promptly provide you with a detailed condition report and, if necessary, a work proposal – all conveniently delivered via email. Our comprehensive documentation, complete with attached photos, empowers you to liaise with insurance companies, real estate agents, and more with ease.

At Lakeside Chimney, we're not just about sweeping chimneys; we're about fostering safety, convenience, and confidence in your home. Experience the Lakeside difference – your chimney's best friend.

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