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Chimney Sweep

Table Rock Lake Chimney Sweep, Beaver Lake Chimney Sweep, Eureka Springs, Cassville

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommends that a chimney or venting system be cleaned and inspected once a year with normal use.  Even chimneys that are rarely used should be inspected minimally once a year to ensure that there are no animals and debris blocking the flue and that all masonry is in good condition and intact.

A professional cleaning done by Lakeside Chimney leaves no mess and includes a top to bottom safety inspection in accordance with the NFPA 211 fire code.

  • We sweep the inside of your chimneys firebox floor, sides and throat (we do not clean out ash dumps/pits).

  • We then clean and inspect the damper and damper assembly as well as the often overlooked smoke shelf behind most dampers. 

  • We use brushes on rods to sweep the flue, hand brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber. Drop clothes and a HEPA filtered vacuum to catch the dust

  • While cleaning the chimney, we do a visual  (Level l) or a Video (Level ll) inspection of the chimney including the cap, crown, brickwork and mortar or woodstove installation

  • We notate our findings on our condition report and if there are any problems we discuss them with the homeowner (often showing them photos of the unsafe condition) and offer solutions to bring the system up to code

  • We then provide our customers with a condition report and or work proposal via email. This way we can attach photos and forms are easy to forward to insurance companies, real estate agents, ect.

  • We offer 3 levels of inspections click button below to find out more on the differences between the 3

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